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I’m so pissed off by how some people have treated my girlfriend tonight. They sent her abusive messages and sexually harassed her with messaged that involved rape. She was forced to turn off anon. Why? Who the fuck are you? Why do you think this is OK? This is fucking ridiculous. I sincerely hope they get hit by a bus. I super don’t give a shit about their personal well being anymore. There’s no excuse for this behaviour. It’s not acceptable on any level. I can’t comprehend how fucking awful that is. This isn’t even about how she’s my girlfriend that’s just outright fucking awful under any circumstances. I wish there was a button where you could report an anon for harassment so their account and IP could get banned… bonus point of this banning is accompanied with a message telling them a bus will be round shortly to smash through their wall and knock some human fucking decency into them.

Don’t. Ever. Harass people. You. Fucking. Assholes.

Anonymous asked: I want your boyfriend.




Hahaha. Nope.

He also agrees:

Really though don’t fucking say this to a person. That’s super rude to go up to a person and say that you want to away someone in their life that is important to them as if it is an object they are undeserving of. The context of this message isn’t “I wish I had something like you have because your relationship is cute” it’s “I want to steal your boyfriend.” I cannot stress how utterly disrespectful that is. You do not get to trade a relationship like a toy because you feel you are entitled to it more than someone else. A relationship between two people is something they have mutually agreed upon because they have a deep personal connection with each other and saying you want to take that away for your own personal gain demonstrates why you do not have that connection in the first place. If someone is important to you than their decisions and personal choices about who they want to be with should also be important. Thinking they’ve made the wrong decision is childish.

Fuck off anon. Fuck. Right. Off.

Whilst I agree it’s a really weird thing to say, the way I interpreted it was that someone was attempting to compliment the boyfriend (which would be you :P) and saying that you’re a good person, and that they would like to have a relationship like that. I guess there’s a large dose of internet speak in this as well. Inappropriate, absolutely (reminds me of the whole “do not long for other people’s belongings” thing), but I didn’t see this as someone wanting to actually get in the way of whatever you have. 

No. I stated that was not the context. This is not a compliment. This person continued to message her with awful statements and was legitimately harassing her and calling her a whore. This was the kindest thing they said and it was rude as fuck and just got ruder.

This is not OK. This is not acceptable. This was not a poorly phrased compliment and I want to make that clear. They were most certainly trying to get in the way.

Here’s an idea: before you send sexually explicit messages to someone who clearly does not want them follow these steps:

  • Cut off your own limbs except for the one holding the saw so you can use it to punch yourself in the fucking face
  • Remember that harassing people on the internet is incredibly hurtful and you are the scum of the earth
  • Continue to bleed out until you lose consciousness you sack of shit

Thanks (✿◠‿◠)

Filmed two vlogs today in different locations

Anonymous asked: nah but I'm actually better so

Ok well you’re clearly a troll trying to emotionally abuse my girlfriend for some reason because there’s no way you think being a fucking bitch will make you look superior. If you are deluded into thinking you have some form of redeemable quality that alleviates how actually fucking terrible of a person you are then you’re an idiot. I have no patience or interest in you. If your aim is to steal me away then you cannot possibly be further from the point. If your intention is purely to annoy the shit out of the both of us then *slow clap* ooohhh woooowww what a fantastic use of your time. Bet you feel soooo good about yourself.