Hello Stranger

Hello I'm David and I am many things.

Australian, Whovian, Nerdfighter, Aspiring Writer/Director/Photographer, Fan of Words.

I make youtube videos under the username OneUpdateataTime.

Have a nice day. *Shakes fist* or else...






*gets on tiptoes to whisper into dairy cow’s ear* why ya titty out

How short are you that you need to stand on your toes to talk to a cow?

Looks like we got ourselves a city slicker

How freaking talk are your cows? My cousins own a dairy farm and the cows are about chest height.

You sure talk a lot of shit for someone whose cousin has short cows

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Curly hair does not go well with back lighting…

Curly hair does not go well with back lighting…


So I follow my aunties on pintrest for like sharing recipes and stuff but today one of them posted this gif:


and they’re all commenting like “the perfect man” and “what all women want ;)” and stuff like that

And I’m over here laughing my ass off because that’s gay porn star, Austin Wolf. This gif is from a gay porno. Like, literally 5 seconds after this moment, he has a cock in his mouth.

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